ReverendCharles (reverendcharles) wrote,

The Tour of Northern Aggression Begins...

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cool :)
It's up on MySpace, and I will be whoring it the week before the show.

(dies laughing.)
I love the George Orwell quote it fits perfectly. Oh yeah can't wait till you guys see the banner when it's dun. HEHE.
Okay, so... although I would LOVE TO BE AT THE VIRGINIA SHOW... can't. Thought I'd be able to say yes today, and then I got mail this morning saying, "Guess what! You're going to be in Long Island that day whether you like it or not."

But I can sing at the 11th show if you still want me.
sure. although this would've been better as a myspace message than as a public message.
Hey why the unfriending charles?

please let me know why?

I do always read your journal!!
i had said that i was going to remove anybody who didn't, at the very least, wish me a happy birthday or something. i wasn't asking for big presents or a big effort, just an acknowledgment. you didn't do that. that's why i deleted you. if you'd like me to put you back on, i will, but as i said, i wanted to make sure that everybody who was actually on my journal was someone who actually cared.
Ok... Im sorry :( I missed it

happy belated birthday!
Hi... my friend ne said that we should be super happy awesome friends. My journal entries that aren't friends locked are lame... then again, so are the ones that are locked. But I'm much more interesting in person!