ReverendCharles (reverendcharles) wrote,

Dark Eden Opening for 45 Grave, THIS SUNDAY!

This Sunday, March 5th, come join Dark Eden as we open for the deathrock legends, 45 Grave at CBGB! This will not only be an amazing show, but it is also the birthday celebration of Dark Eden vocalist, Reverend Charles Lupula! We will be doing a different set than we normally do, playing some new material, and some material we haven't played in almost 2 years! It is a 16 and over show, with doors opening at 6pm, Dark Eden going onstage at 7pm.

Also performing will be Electric Frankenstein, Midnight Creeps, and Hymen Holocaust

315 Bowery
New York, NY
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Congrats!! That rocks that you're opening for them!!
you and ru should come. help celebrate my birthday.
i wish i could cum to this one

maybe i should drug clara...kidnap her n take her with me to this show :P

i also heard alex will be playin bass for u

sucks i have to miss it!!!

yup. he'll be on bass. you really should be there...
Happy "Day of Your Birth" in Advance...

Just found out you had a show at Albion recently.
Congrats on opening for (wow) 45 Grave!!!!
I'm missing TOO MUCH these days and it's worrying me(a friend's shows(you and many others in cool bands), more things going on, various reasons to travel, etc.! Also it's contributing to my current "sadness" issues...

I miss you. Damn youre turning into a MAJOR inspiration for me now. Hmmm I get my degree, more camera experience, and....????
Thanks Rev.!!!!

Deleted comment

will do.
lol I did a search a for my old high school on a whim and I got you. tell me, was the administration as excruciatingly anal about everything back in the 90s? I was there a couple of months back for the hell of it and they've taken to labeling all the exits from the outside.
no, jesus. that's a new one to me. i do remember none of us were allowed outside during lunch period, until we were in 11th grade.

i used to get away with a lot of shit, though. lol

but then again, all of my friends, for one reason or the other got kicked out by the time i graduated.
well, about 10% of my grade didn't graduate because they couldn't fulfill the macroeconomics/sociology requirement plus the 15-page "participation in goverment" paper. that was a year ago.