ReverendCharles (reverendcharles) wrote,

We are Looking for a Bass Player

Dark Eden, NYC's blackwave pioneers, are searching for a fulltime bass player, for upcoming shows, recording, and touring. Male or female, 18-30, with talent, dedication, and the ability to learn fast. Looks and attitude wouldn't hurt either, but are not first and foremost. What is most important is that you can actually play. We may have a show on December 17th and we'd like you to be ready to be onstage by then. We will be auditioning throughout the month of November, until we find the perfect addition to our evil little family. Our sound can best be described, for those of you unaware, as Samhain meets Slayer meets Ministry with a little Type O Negative, Electric Hellfire Club, and Cradle of Filth thrown in for good measure. Write us at if you are an interested party. Please note we are not looking for mercs, we are not looking for any more temp players, we are not looking for people who do this as a hobby. We want people who view this as their life and want to live it, not just dream it. You can check us out at or on our myspace page:
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