ReverendCharles (reverendcharles) wrote,

Dark Eden at Alchemy - November 7th

Dark Eden are proud to announce our annual Late Halloween show will be taking place, this year, at Alchemy at CBGB's 313 Gallery. Not only is this a special night for us, as a band, as we always go all out for our Late Halloween performance, but we also realize this could be our last performance at CB's, with the pending court actions. This night will be a special night of darkness, lust, and the unholy hymns of Dark Eden. The band will give a very special prize to the person with the best costume, so dress up as if Samhain wasn't a week earlier...

We will also be joined that night by our very special guests, the amazing female fronted metal band, If Man Is Five. With a dark, aggressive music and operatic vocals, their album was voted "Best album of the summer of 2003” by regional music magazine 315, they are a more than worthy opener for what will be an amazing show.

Doors open at 9PM, with If Man Is Five going on at 10PM and Dark Eden at 11PM. $6 at the door, 16 to enter, 21 to drink, with music until 4 after the bands, if you aren't there, you will hate yourself and so will your offspring for generations to come...

CBGB's 313 Gallery
313 Bowery
New York, NY
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hey this fellow lexx fan added you
CB's is still hanging in there? Good to hear! What's the latest word, if you know?
the day of our show they go to court, so we may be the last alchemy. nobody knows right now.
Hey Rev! I can't make it to your show, but I will be at Albion on Sat. 29th if you wanna meet up!

The Cruxshadows are playing, and I know they're not your thing, but it would be fun to shake my ass with the Rev!

see, though, that's part of the reason why i'm starting to get so disillusioned by everything. becoming annoyed that people can make it out to support a "name" but when it comes to the local scene, if you don't have some chick on stage doing lewd things, nobody wants to come out and support you anymore. and then all you get are middle-aged perverts who don't give a fuck about the music. it's becoming really tiring.

i won't be at that show, anyway. don't listen to them. nice people, but not my cup of tea. plus, i'd rather give my money to a local band.
I wasn't intending to offend you.

To be honest, Dark Eden's music just isn't my style. And I can't see traveling 5 hours to see a band that isn't my style. The best I can do is offer kind words of support.

I wouldn't even be making this particular trip if it weren't for two kind friends: one who gave me the money to make the trip, and the other who is opening her home to me so that I have a safe place to stay. Consequently, I have never met either of them in person, but the prospect of meeting my Livejournal friends excites me.

...which is why I extended the invitation to you...because you're an individual who I thought I'd enjoy hanging out with.

As for the Cruxshadows being a "name," I suppose they've earned their following. They've certainly earned my love and respect...and not just through their music.

I understand your frustration with the NY least to a point. In general, mainstream music in this entire country pretty much sucks these days, not because there aren't good bands out there, but because the general public is looking for something that doesn't require much thought, creativity or energy. The bands that are trying to do something with a little thought put into it are getting overlooked because they do'nt fit into our cookie cutter music industry...and that sucks, but I don't think it's going to change any time soon.

I believe you once put some thought into moving to the UK... I'd be tempted.
i cannot legally do it or i would've been there years ago.
Your lovely!

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