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Reverend Charles Lupula's Tales of Uber-Gothy Self-Woe or Some Such Thing...

The Journal That Makes Baby Jesus Cry

6 March

...spiritual guide, vocalist for nyc's black wave pioneers Dark Eden, sadist, fetish model, evil mastermind, performance artist, actor, pervert, runway model, world traveller, heretic, public access television host, deviant, heathen, slut, brat, prettiest girl at the prom...all words that describe me perfectly. a pied piper in makeup, i suggest you check out my site, Denied Heaven for more
details, as well as my advice column, original fiction, commentaries on various subjects of interest, and photo gallery with over 200 photos of humble ol' moi...

those with a keen interest in my many talents will also want to check out the website of my band, dark eden, of which i am the singer. the website for that is http://www.4promo.net/darkeden we are where deathrock meets black metal and you will love us...unless you are incredibly stupid...in which case, i hate you and your opinion doesn't matter anyway...

...please note that besides a few self-serving posts here and there, my journal is friends only. if you'd like to be on my list, add me; i will look at your journal and if i feel you're a person i'd like to know after reading yours, i'll let you read mine. it's very much like the rules of "doctor," really...

Oh yes, buy me stuff!
It makes me happy, the result of years of having guilty parents trying to buy my love with material objects.


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