ReverendCharles (reverendcharles) wrote,

A Reminder (Dark Eden at Oktotenfest 2006/New Song)

Be sure to check out our (and by "our," I mean, my band, Dark Eden) Myspace page, to hear the new song, "Double Plus Ungood." Somewhat best described as Ministry meets Carcass, it's a song about the simularities between the current Administration, the Muslim Theocracies of the Middle East, the Third Reich, and Orwell's Oceania of 1984.

That and it's a really fucking fun song. Check it out.

Then come see us on October 9th, when we play OKTOTENFEST with Hanzel und Gretyl, Bella Morte, and Wykked Wytch, at the Knitting Factory NYC!

Click Here To View Event
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7pm? D: i can't make it nooooooooooo ;_;
yeah, i'm sorry it's so early, but we are the opening band this time. we're much more used to playing around 11pm, but it's what you gotta do, you know?
actually, 7 is late XD my mom freaks out when i'm in the city past 6 >_> i really want to go thoughhhhhh >_< someone record it for me and send me the tape? :D i really really with i could gooo ;_;
i have never seen a show start earlier than 6pm in the city, nevermind finish before 7.
i know ;_; i really want to go ;_; this makes me sad >_
dunno when I'll ever be coming up to NYC (taken me decades to get over that city) but when I do, I hope you'll be playing.

Any friend of Dresden's....